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Are you doing this common mistake?

I started to trade almost 5 years ago and, to learn as much as I could, I read a lot of books and taken a lot of courses regarding technical analysis and trading systems.

Despite this, for the first 2 years my equity was keep going down and down:
-15%, -30%, -70% and I got my first margin call.

After this horrible event I started to double check all my previous trades and I realise I was doing this 2 common mistake:

  • I didn't have a disciplined way to analyse the market.
  • I was keep changing my trading system, over and over again.

This was my equity..


At all time I opened a position following a disciplined Trading System, the fear took over and I re-analysed the market over and over again.

And do you know what?

At all time my analysis were always different!


Because no book or course never taught me how to do disciplined analysis!


After this deep self-analysis I discovered the Hurst Cycles and everything changed.

I found out a systemic approach to identify the market trends, support & resistance and chart Patterns.

From that moment, not only my trading system was disciplinedbut even my market analysis.

You could be a disciplined trader but if you don't have a Systematic Analysis Method you will never find a profitable trading system.

Here you can see my Equity after I start to use the Hurst Cycles ⇓


What about YOU?

Are you trading with a disciplined trading system or you are just changing from one system to another?

Do you have a systemic approach to analyse the markets?

Start to create your own Discipline Analysis!



What Support & Resistance are?

Support and resistance are the places, in the market, where the things happen.

They represent the levels of the price that arouse the attention of the market operator.

In the financial market, the smart money takes their decision around the key prices starting to sell (Supply) or to buy (demand), all the movements between these levels could be considered only as noise.

The Support and Resistance indicator V2

Do you have a methodical way to identify the Supports and resistances or you keep moving them following your emotions?
Do you have a method to decide where to place your Entry OrderStop Loss and Take Profit?

With the Support and Resistance indicator you will get  a Systematic, Not-Repainting, method to identify the most important levels in the market.

Why always trade the trend?

The trend is the moment when the traders, institutional or not, make money in the market.

If you have read at least one book about Technical Analysis for sure you incurred in the common sentence: "Trend is your friend". The trend is Holy Grail of trading.

What are the advantages to trade a trend?
- It doesn't rely on guesses, forecasts or feeling. It comes from a clear analysis of the market conditions.
- You can easily cut your losses and let your profit run.

The Cycle Indicator V3

The Cycle Indicator V3 gives you a Methodical and Systematic way to identify:

The Current Market Trend allowing you to always have a clear picture of how the prices moved and where the trend is going.

The Trend Reversals which you can use to:
* Close your actual trades and follow the direction of the new trends.
* Join the main market trend by trading the sub-cycles reversals.

The full HOW TO guide.

Learn how to use the Premium Indicators with deep explanations about:

+ Input. How to set up the indicators.
+ Output. How to read and understand them.
+ How to use the indicators.
+ 3 suggested strategies to start trading NOW!

Best settings (Tested and backtested)

Every market has a different timing, we tested the most popular pairs to give you the best settings.

Here you will find the strategies and the inputs of Trading Systems which performed:
* 210% Profits - 27 % Max Draw Down.
* 320% Profits - 23% Max Draw Down.
* 200% Profits - 22% Max Draw Down.

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  • Only 8 horizontal lines.
  • No technical support.
  • No strategies and No backtested settings.

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