How to improve your Entries with the Hurst Cycles

Are you trading the Hurst Cycles and your are looking for a method to anticipate the Cycles Reversal?

Are you a swing trading looking for better market entries?

This article is for you, read until the end.

In the previous article you learned “How to Buy and Sell the Sub-Cycles in the direction of the upper cycle” using the formula:

Duration of the main cycle / 4

The standard market entry for this basic version it the reversal of the sub-cycles.

This entry is the basic of all the Hurst Cycles trading system, I will repeated once more:

“Trade in the direction of the longer cycle, buying and selling the reversal of the sub-cycles”

When you will master this concept you will be ready to make a step further and start to anticipate the cycles reversal by using the

“Rule of the 4×4”

Fractals and Hurst Cycles

The Hurst Cycles, exactly as many other things in the nature are fractals. It means that:

They are a repeating pattern that displays at every scale.

Every cycle has 4 sub cycles, every sub cycles has 4 sub-sub cycles and so on, like a Matryoshka.

The advance Hurst Cycles Entry Technique

Using the "Rule of the 4x4" you are adding a new cycle to your chart: The sub-sub cycles.

The duration of the Sub-Sub Cycles is:

Duration of the Sub-Cycles divided by 4.

For example: 
Long Cycle: 384 periods.
Sub-Cycle: 96 Periods (384/4).
Sub-Sub Cycle: 24 Periodo (96/4).

The Strategy

1. Spot the direction of a long cycle (Still don't know how to do it? Check it out)
2. Identify the direction of the subcycles and wait for the be in the opposite direction of the main cycle.
3. Identify the tops and bottom of the sub-sub cycle and place a Stop Order on the last minimum (Short position) or Maximum (Long position) of the last Sub-Sub Cycle.

As you can see from the screenshot, this method anticipated the Sub-Cycle's reversal with a good ammount of pips.

Using this method you will have smaller Stop Losses and a bigger Risk:Reward.

Are you still without a disciplined method to identify Tops & Bottoms?
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