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How to time your trades. A 3 steps tutorial.

Whenever you are an investor or a speculator, surely you have wondered, at leat once, How to time your trades. The answer to this question, once again, is Trading Cycle. WHY? Because the Trading Cycles not only give you a systemic way to identify the Market Trends and Support & Resistance but, also, they give you the possibility to forecast WHEN…

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How to identify a Range Trading Market with 3 easy method

The sideways markets are the nightmare of the trend following strategies but a proper trader knows how to spot them and or stay flat or change the system into a range trading strategy. The greatest difficulty lies in the ability to know when a market is trending or it’s in a range. In this article, I…

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How to Trade the Market Trends in the right way

Everybody knows the famous quote “Trend is your friend” but, who really knows HOW to trade the market trends? In this article, I will explain two easy way to trade the trend: Breakout trading. Swing trading. Let’s start! Identify the Trend First of all, to trade the trend you need to identify a trend! You already learnt…

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Dow Theory. The 6 basic tenets you need to know.

Charles Dow was the founder of the Wall Street Journal and, by trying to understand the market behaviour, he developed a series of 6 basic tenets which are now the basis of the technical analysis. The Dow Theory is over 100 years old but, as you’re going to read, it still valid and it will certainly change the way you analyse the market.…

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Chart Patterns – A disciplined approach.

The chart patterns are the oldest strategy to read the price movements and to predict future market trends. What are you going to learn in this article: WHAT are the price patterns? WHY they are so important. HOW TO identify the chart patterns using the Trading Cycles! The best Reversal Pattern. (Jump there!⇓) The standard Continuation Pattern. Ready? Go! Introduction to the…

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draw trend lines

How to identify Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are the best and most powerful instrument to succeed in trading. In this article, you’ll learn: What are the supply and demand areas? 3 simple ways to identify support and resistance. 2 trading system to trade them! INTERESTED? Read the article until the end! Support and resistance definition Support and resistance are…

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Quick Guide: Identify the Direction of the Market Trends

The basic rule of the Swing Trading Strategies and many other  is: Always trade with the Trend You can systematically identify the direction of the market trends in 2 ways: With the Moving Averages. Using a Momentum Indicator. Read the full article to learn all the steps.   Market Trends and Moving Averages As you learned in the…

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2 Useful Tricks to Identify the Hurst Cycles.

In the previous article, you learnt the basics of the Hurst Cycles: What they are. Their features. The main 2 Principles. Now it’s the moment to get more practical and learn how to detect a cycle from all the movements that the market does. To Identify the Hurst Cycles I will use the two most common indicators: Simple Moving…

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Stock Market Cycles. Features and principles.

Starting from the easiest cycle of the seasons, up to the economic fluctuation, the cycles have always had a direct impact on our lives because: “Everything Turns, Rotates, Spins, Circles, Loops, Pulsates, Resonates And Repeats.” These cycles affect our daily decisions and behaviours and, since the prices are the numerical effects of our thoughts and actions,…

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