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Better than expected NFP. The analysis!

Better than expected NFP. The analysis! On Friday the 10th, the US released the NFP with an actual value of 287k vs an expected 180k. More than double! What happens now? Here your weekly market update! S&P 500 The cyclical indicators are bullish. Speed and Price are both pointing up. The SP500 is touching all time highs but there are two resistances drawn from the tops…

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Brext-IN? Weekly markets overview

After the Brexit referendum, the markets are behaving in a really weird way. Stocks are rising. Brext-IN? Gold is touching new maximums. Are new QE coming? Currencies are sleeping. Wait and see approach? Let’s have a look at the charts. STOCKS Sp500 The weekly cycle is clearly pointing up: Speed is positive and prices are stable…

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draw trend lines

How to identify Support and Resistance

Support and resistance are the best and most powerful instrument to succeed in trading. In this article, you’ll learn: What are the supply and demand areas? 3 simple ways to identify support and resistance. 2 trading system to trade them! INTERESTED? Read the article until the end! Support and resistance definition Support and resistance are…

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Markets overview after Brexit

Brexit is the black swan, dated 23rd of June, which is shocking the markets and the 49% of the British. The markets are on a roller coaster and uncertainty dominates everywhere. Let’s see what this event changed in the monthly cycle analysing the charts with your new way to identify a trading cycle. UK100 and Brexit The UK100, after…

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Quick Guide: Identify the Direction of the Market Trends

The basic rule of the Swing Trading Strategies and many other  is: Always trade with the Trend You can systematically identify the direction of the market trends in 2 ways: With the Moving Averages. Using a Momentum Indicator. Read the full article to learn all the steps.   Market Trends and Moving Averages As you learned in the…

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2 Useful Tricks to Identify the Hurst Cycles.

In the previous article, you learnt the basics of the Hurst Cycles: What they are. Their features. The main 2 Principles. Now it’s the moment to get more practical and learn how to detect a cycle from all the movements that the market does. To Identify the Hurst Cycles I will use the two most common indicators: Simple Moving…

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Stock Market Cycles. Features and principles.

Starting from the easiest cycle of the seasons, up to the economic fluctuation, the cycles have always had a direct impact on our lives because: “Everything Turns, Rotates, Spins, Circles, Loops, Pulsates, Resonates And Repeats.” These cycles affect our daily decisions and behaviours and, since the prices are the numerical effects of our thoughts and actions,…

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